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WAVE MUSIC  provide Mini Live House / Rehearsal Room / Band Room / Private Party Venue for rent.


The hall has ultra-tall floor. It is suitable for band show, concerts, CD releases, new song auditions, private parties. We provide all these equipments,  including the stage, lighting system, sound system, smoke machine, performer's room.



60 people (Standing) / 50 people (sitting)

浪潮音樂提供迷你音樂會場地/彩排室/樂隊室/私人聚會場所出租。 大廳有超高的樓底。它適用於音樂會,CD發行,新歌試聽,私人派對。設備包括舞台,燈光系統,音響系統,煙霧機,表演者休息室。 容量: 60人(企)/ 50人(坐)

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Hong Kong studio for musicians and music lovers to hang out, band practice and rehearsal. We bring love and joy to the studio, and wish that we can provide a comfortable environment to bring inspiration for people to compose, band practice and record their own songs / music creatively.

Control Room

Midas Venice F32 Analog Mixer for live mixing and studio summing

Musician's Lounge Area

Recording Room

Recording room for Vocal and acoustic instruments

View from the stage

Musician's view from band stage

Band room hong kong

live band rehearsal room

Bass amp and guitar amp

band room for rental

Band room hong kong

rehearsal room


Writing by Hong Kong local Calligrapher: 練黑文龍


Writing by Hong Kong local Calligrapher: 練黑文龍

張振正 in the House!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Congratu

Vocal recording

recording studio.jpg

hk recording studio

Have a good band show tonight_#livehouse

Are you READY!_ 🤘🏻🤘🏻

廣告歌曲錄製中,期待是次成品。💪🏻🎼🎸🥁 #廣告配樂 #編曲 #錄音

實力歌手T.V.Carpio 早前落嚟Wave Music做專訪,有幸聽到T

Recording Studio in Kwun Tong

Setup and recording drum is time consuming. But it is worthy to do it because you can record the emotion of drummer, unique sound of the room and the human imperfections, which is perfect.

早前Rockmui盧凱彤受訪花絮__#ViuTV #interview #Ell

好多攝影師都好鍾意我哋幅黑色牆😁✨_受訪樂隊 :Zpecial__#rehea

科漠沙離__沙畫家海潮和音樂,sound design,Foley及後期製作小隊

Recording day with Dr. 李嘉仁

日前廣告拍攝場地提供__#rehearsalroom #shooting #ve

預祝明晚謝中傑《齊唱廣東歌》音樂會Good Show!!🤘🏻 #謝中傑 #a


band room.jpg

Kwun tong band room

Music production studio

HK Music production studio

每次metropop pop up live 拍攝團隊嚟到Wave Music都

Thank you Zero to FF, creates such a gre

講座,有興趣朋友請繼續留意專頁動態。👍🏻😉 #VocalAdvanceTa

多謝練黑文龍贈與浪潮音樂手繪字畫一幅! 🤗🤓 #練黑文龍 #練黑 #call

超過40人嘅Team building event !_由起初大家好含蓄到後來個

Alan Po 布志綸 _Cosmopolitan HK 訪問 & live p

event venue.jpg

solar in wave music

event venue.jpg

live music venue

event venue.jpg

Live music event

live stage.jpg

Mini live stage hong kong

recording studio.jpg

Drum recording in Wave Music

event venue hk.jpg

HK live venue

event space.jpg

J Arie

event venue.jpg

J Arie

event venue hong kong.jpg

HK mini live house

event venue.jpg

HK mini live house

event venue.jpg

Joey Tand and Danny Summer

event venue.jpg

hk mini live house

live band hk.jpg


hk show venue.jpg

Live house hong kong

live house hong kong.jpg

music stage

event venue.jpg

wave music studio

event venue.jpg

陳蕾,陳奐仁,小花,享樂團@wave music studio

event venue.jpg

event venue for shooting

event venue.jpg

HK event venue

guitar workshop.jpg

hk guitar workshio

shooting venue.jpg

Gin Lee shooting @ wave music

Mini live house hk.jpg

HK live music


HK mini live house

event venue.jpg

music stage

kids recording.jpg

Tracking Kids' vocal

Live house.jpg

Band show venue

band show venue.jpg

hk band show venue

event venue.jpg

event venue

event venue.jpg


event venue.jpg


hk musician.jpg

HK Bassist

hk musician.jpg


hk musician.jpg


musicians hk.jpg

keyboard player

professional vocal.jpg

backing vocal hk musicians


安俊豪live show



music production hk.jpg

hong kong music producer

event venue.jpg

shooting studio


菊梓喬@wave music


zpecial@ Wave music

mini live house.jpg

HK mini live house

wave music.jpg

recording studio

mini live hong kong.jpg


Wave Music Studio.jpg

recording studio hong kong

live music venue.jpg

live house hong kong

band room

kwun tong band room

event venue hong kong

hk event venue

band room.JPG

kwun tong band room

Mr MJ.jpg

Wave Music studio


Band show.jpg

We spent a musical night with all these young rockers

Gibson LesPaul Standard.jpg

Quality pre-owned Gibson LesPaul Standard

event venue.jpg

hk event venue

band room hong kong.jpg

hk band room

band room hk.jpg

There are many pre-owned guitar for sell.

Musicians Hong Kong

Recording day for digital piano and vocal.

Midas Venice F32 analog mixing console

Audio post-production, mixing and summing with Venice F32 analog mixer

Rehearsal room.JPG

Hong Kong live band rehearsal room

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Unit F&G, Basement, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Center, 470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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