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Sound system:

Mixing Desk:

Midas Venice F32 analog mixing console x 1

Soundcraft fx16ii analog mixing desk x 1

Soundcraft Si Expression 2 digital mixing desk x 1

Behringer XENYX X2222 analog mixer

Outboard gears:

Avalon VT-747sp preamp/EQ/compressor

Mackie Quad Comp/Gate 4-Channel Digital Compressor/Gate x 1

BBE Sonic 882i Maximizer x 1

Yamaha Q2031B stereo EQ x 2

Audio Interface / AD-DA converter:

Antelope Zen tour 

Focusrite Clarett 8prex 

Midas Venice F32

Stage box: 

The Box by Sommer cable with Multipair SC-Planet FMC 16/4 

Stage box with Sommer Multipair SC-Mistral MCF 12/4 

Drum & Percussion:

Pearl Masters Premium Maple 6 pieces Drumset x 1

Crush CHAMELEON ASH 5 pieces Drumset x 1

LP Wind chime w/ stand x 1

Crash cymbal w/stand x 4

Splash cymbal w/holder x 1

Ryde cymbal w/stand x 3

Hi Hat w/stand x 3

2 pieces LP bongo x 1

Other percussions (shakers, tambourines, turkish drums) x 1 lot

Guitar Amplifiers:

Marshall AVT 150H Tribute stack amp with 4x10” Marshall cabinet x 1

Marshall AVT 50H stack amp with 4x10” Marshall cabinet x 1

2x12" Fender Cyber Twin amp x 1

2x12" Fender Stage100 amp x 1

2x12" Laney Ironheart Tube amp x 1

HND SAHARA 20 Watts tube guitar amp head x 1 with 2x12" HND cabinet x 1

Bass Amplifier:

Hartke HA5500 500Watts amp head x 1

Hartke LH1000 1000Watts amp head x 1

410XL 4x10” cabinet x 1

115XL 1x15” cabinet x 1

Piano, Keyboards and Synthesizers:

Karl Müller upright piano x 1

Roland FP7F Digital piano x 1

Yamaha P-105 Ele. stage piano x 1

Korg M3 synthesizer x 1

Yamaha PSR-S775 synthesizer x 1

Roland JUNO-D synthesizer x 1

Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer x 1

Boss FV-500-H Foot volume pedal x 1

Boss FV300L Volume/Expression pedal x 1

Keyboard Amplifier:

Roland KC550 keyboard amplifier x 1

House Speakers and Monitors:

Behringer B15X 1000W 15" Powered House Speaker x 2

JBL EON315 House Speaker x 2

JBL EON315 Stage Monitor x 2

QSC K12 Stage Monitor x 2

JBL SRX 718S passive subwoofer x 1

Dynamic Microphones

Sennheiser EW100 wireless microphone x 4

Shure SM58 cable microphone

Shure SM48 cable microphone

Shure SM57 dynamic microphones x 5

Shure Beta 57A kick drum microphone x 1

Samson 7 kit drum microphone x 1set

Condensor microphone:

AKG Solidtube mic

Antelope Duo Edge mic

AKG C 1000s condensor mic x 2

Rode NT5 x 1 pair

Lighting System x 1 and Smoke machine x 2


Digital Audio Workstation(DAW)

Avid Pro Tools 12

Harrison Mixbus 32c

Logic Pro X

Studio monitor:

Yamaha MSP7 Studio Powered Studio Monitor x 1 pair


Softube console 1 MKII x 1

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