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T H E    V E N U E

-  Live House with Stage
-  Recording Room
-  Rehearsal Rooms

Wave Music provides fully equipped Live House with stage and 4.4 meter high ceiling which can also be used as a private event venue of any kind, a professional Recording Room for high quality recordings as well as two comfortable rehearsal rooms. The hall has ultra-tall floor. It is suitable for band show, concerts, CD releases, new song auditions, private events. We provide all these equipments,  including the stage, lighting system, sound system, smoke machine, performer's room. 



50 guests 

Anchor Equipment

S O U N D    S Y S T E M  and

Mixing Console:

Midas Venice F32 analog mixing desk 

Soundcraft Si Performer 3 digital mixing desk

Soundcraft fx16ii mixing desk

BBE Sonic 882i Maximizer

Yamaha Q2031B stereo EQ

Mackie Quad Comp/Gate 4-Channel Digital Compressor/Gate

20 channel Stage Box

Speakers and Floor Monitors:

Meyer Sound MSL-2A Passive House Speaker x 2

Behringer B15X 1000W 15" Stage Monitor x 2

JBL EON315 Stage Monitor x 2

QSC K12 Stage Monitor x 2

Dynamic microphone:

Shure SM57 x 5

Shure Beta 52A x 1

Lewitt DTP 640 REX x 1

Lewitt MTP 440 DM x 1

Lewitt DTP 340 TT x 3

Sennheiser EW100 wireless microphone x 4

Shure SM58 cable microphone

Shure SM48 cable microphone


Softube Console-1

DI Box:

Radial Pro D2 passive DI box

Radial J48 active DI box

Behringer D100 x 2

Passive Summing Box:


Digital Audio Station:

Pro Tools 2018 

Logic Pro X

Mixbus 32c

Studio Monitors:

Audio Beam Custom made Near-Field Monitor x 2

Audio Beam Custom made power amp

Meyer Sound MSL-2A Passive Far-Field Monitor x 2

AD/DA Converter and Preamp:

Antelope Audio Zen Tour

Focusrite Clarett 8PreX

AML1073-pre x 2

Avalon VT-737 Channel Stripe

Midas Venice F32

Condenser microphone:

Wave Music large diaphragm WM-I x 1

Antelope Edge x 1
Rode NT5 x 2

AKG C 1000 S x 2

AKG Solid Tube x 1

Sennheiser MK4 x 1

Samson C02 x 2

Lewitt LCT 340 x 2 


Vienna Ensemble Pro

Native Instruments Kontakt

Black Rooster Audio Suite

Softube 4000E Channel Stripe

Softube Chandler Channel Stripe

Plugin Alliance plugin bundle

Waves Plugins

Focusrite plugin bundle

Izotope RX

Izotope plugin bundle

and a lot more...

Anchor Instrument


Drum & Percussion:

6 pieces Pearl Masters Premium Maple Drumset x 1

5 pieces Crush CHAMELEON ASH Drumset x 1

LP Wind chime w/ stand x 1

Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 16”

Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 18”

Zildjian K Custom Dark Hi Hat 13"

Zildjian A Custom Crash Crash 16”

Splash cymbal w/holder x 1

Ryde cymbal w/stand x 2

Hi Hat w/stand x 2

2 pieces LP bongo x 1

Percussions x 1 lot

Guitar Amplifiers:

Marshall AVT 150H Tribute stack amp with 4x10” Marshall cabinet x 1

Marshall AVT 50H stack amp with 4x10” Marshall cabinet x 1

2x12" Fender Cyber Twin amp x 1

2x12" Fender Stage100 amp x 1

2x12" Laney Ironheart Tube amp x 1

HND SAHARA 20 Watts tube guitar amp head x 1 with 2x12" HND cabinet x 1

Bass Amplifer:

Hartke HA5500 500Watts amp head x 1

Hartke LH1000 1000Watts amp head x 1

410XL 4x10” cabinet x 1

115XL 1x15” cabinet x 1


Yamaha Motif XS 8 Synthesizer Workstation, 88-Key x 1

Yamaha P-105 Ele. stage piano x 1

Roland FP7F Digital piano x 1

Korg M3 synthesizer x 1

Roland JUNO-D synthesizer x 1

Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer x 1

Yamaha PSR-S775 synthesizer x 1

Boss FV-500-H Foot volume pedal x 1

Boss FV300L Volume/Expression pedal x 1

Anchor Lighting System

L I G H T    S Y S T E M

20 Channel Controller x 1

DMX LED light x 6

Derby Effect Lighting machine x 2

Laser Effect Lighting machine x 1

Stage Smoke Machine x 2​

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